ASS Studios

Bringing sleaze back to the Lower East Side!

Founded by "It Elf" Reverend Jen and filmmaker Courtney Fathom Sell, ASS Studios ("Art Star Scene Studios") is one of the most Lo-Fi, underfunded motion picture studios in the history of filmmaking! This "Dreamworks of the Lower East Side" (minus millions of dollars) promises satire, sleaze, pants-pissing laughs and more art stars than you can shake a stick at!

For a complete press announcement PDF file, filmography info, and other affairs, please email: (Rates, media inquiries, and/or love-hate mail can also be addressed here)

ASS invades the UK!

We are extremely excited to announce that ASS Studios will be teaming up with the wonderful people at Trash House Cinema to release our upcoming DVD to the UK; featuring our sleazy/sexy masterpieces such as ‘Waltz of the Bitches’, ‘Pretty Pretty Pretty’, ‘Orgy Whiplash’, ‘Art Star’, the super dirty ‘Cheap Date’ and so much more! Keep posted for updates! 

We Won!

and now Amazon has reinstated ‘ASS Studios’ DVD in its catalogue! Get it! 

Amazon :(

Amazon has officially declared the recently released DVD ‘ASS Studios Presents 4 Short Films’ “objectionable” and currently refuses to carry it in their online catalogue. The DVD, which contains 4 films directed by Courtney Fathom Sell, and starring Reverend Jen, Faceboy and many others, was released through MVD Entertainment in late May and has received much press and positive reviews from various publications such as ArtForum, Rogue Cinema, TLA Releasing, as well as from musician Moby who claimed “I’ve never experienced greater depths of genius than what i’ve encountered from the borderline homeless degenerates of ASS Studios.” The DVD has been rejected twice from Amazon (after one previous appeal from the Producers), due to ‘objectionable’ content, even though it features no nudity or graphic violence. Amazon, which carries titles such as ‘The Brown Bunny’, ‘Nekromantic’, ‘I Stand Alone’, and ‘Antichrist’ will not be carrying ‘ASS Studios’ anytime soon. In the meantime, the DVD can be ordered directly from MVD Entertainment as well as at many other retail outlets such as Barnes & Noble,, Kim’s Video, and TLA Releasing.